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Beer at Mr. Pickwick's

IF you truly appreciate the craft and relish in the taste only an exquisite beverage can produce, then join us at Mr. Pickwick's. We have proudly assembled more than 150 of the finest and rarest beers and ales from around the world along with fine wines, rare vintage ports and selected Scottish Single Malts in an unparalleled collection for you to savor.

SIP a fabulous fresh wheat beer or an infused lambic ale form Belgium - we have a powerhouse of flavors in our collection.

Our cellar of rare ales is without equal in New England and features more than 150 superb examples form the ancient monasteries of Belgium, the jungles of the Amazon, the rolling hills of southern England, to the best micro-brewries of Vermont.

21 Kegs and Casks, including:

Our list is updated weekly!  Last Updated: December 12 , 2008

Mr. Pickwick’s Draught Selections

These fine ales and lagers have been personally selected by Chris and his team.  They represent the finest brews available from more than 25 countries.  Our Connoisseur’s Collection is served in appropriate glassware.  For your collection, this glassware is available for purchase, please ask your server.

Mr. Pickwick’s Draught Selections

For over 25 years, featuring the finest selection of the world’s most extraordinary beers.

Cask Ale:

Harpoon Dry Hopped Brown Ale- Classic brown with floral notes


Belgian Ale

Chimay Triple- Golden ale with notes of fruit and muscat. 8  

Kasteel Rouge- Brown ale that is matured for six months on sour cherries

Special Limited Selections

Brooklyn Old Ale- Malty and smooth with a clean finish. 8% 

Stone Old Guardian- Beautiful barley wine balances malt with hop. 11.5%

Stone Levitation- Deep amber with pronounced hop finish. 4.4%

Old Burnside Ten Penny- A mellow version of a Scottish Ale

Sierra Nevada Brown Saison- Extremely rare, absolutely delicious.  

Fruit Beer

St Louis Framboise- Traditional Belgian lambic brewed with Raspberry 


Spaten Lager- World famous; crisp and clean lager

Bavik Pilsner- The “real” Belgian lager; if you like Stella, you will love this

                                                Pale Ale

Fuller’s London Pride-Soft and Delicious, Britain’s most popular premium ale

Old Speckled Hen- A true English classic. (Bury St. Edmunds, England)

Anchor Liberty Ale- Smooth ale with balanced hop finish.

Well’s Bombardier- Slightly darker than a pale yet very drinkable

Porter & Stout

Guinness Irish Stout- The original Irish stout (Dublin, Ireland)

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout- Tastes even better than it sounds.


Allagash White- Belgian style white, very crisp and refreshing

Schneider Weiss – Slightly darker than Erdinger; equally as refreshing

Erdinger Weissbier-This German classic is the true example of the style

             *All traditional Wheat beers take 4-7 minutes to pour*

      Vermont Selection

Harpoon Munich Dark-  Dark in color but smooth in flavor   

Long Trail Pollenator- Golden honey ale, refreshing and drinkable

Rock Art Belvedere IPA- Great IPA brewed 10 miles from here

Switchback Brewery- Unfiltered Pale Ale (Burlington, VT)

Woodchuck Hard Cider (Middlebury, VT)




Brewer Notes

Top Fermentation - Fermented at high temperature enabling yeast to work on the top of the brewing vessel. Dark color, big rich assertive palate.

1. Ale - Typically more acidic brews. Ranges from pale golden to reddish brown.

2. Porter - Lighter in body and color than stouts, often with a chocolate after taste contributed by the dark roasted malted barley.

3. Stout - Very rich big bodies, highly hopped, may be sweet or bitter.

Bottom Fermentation - Brewed slowly at low temperature for a longer time. Provides characteristically light colored and clean tasting brews.

1. Pilsner - A pale lager with a strong flavor of hops.

2. Lager - Means aged and is a term describing light bodied pale colored brews.

3. Bock - Always brewed in the springtime. Extremely rich and malty tasting. Dark color, limited availability.


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