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Welcome to Mr. Pickwick's Whisky list!
It is our pleasure to offer you the most diverse and extensive collection of whiskies in the area. From our selection of small batch bourbons to our full range of single malt scotch whiskies, we are certain to have a whiskey to please you.

All whiskies are made from grain; the types and proportion of grains, together with the different processes determine each whiskey's style and taste. Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made entirely from 100% malted barley. Like a fine Cognac or a vintage wine, the single malt scotch offers bouquet, palate, and finish, and therefore each one can be properly savored and judged on these aspects. The differences among single malt scotches come from many variants within each distillery and it's location. In this list we will categorize and describe the general differences between whiskies, and where applicable, the regions they come from.


Islay malts have a very distinctive drawing on sea air that not only permeates the casks, but is also responsible for the flavor imparted from the peat. These malts are known for an iodine like and strong peat flavor.

(12 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Soft and mellow in character, dry, with a light peaty finish. A true Islay and not too well known.

(10 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol The king of peat: laphroig is not for the timid, a dry smoky malt known for it's peatiness.

(16 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Often regarded as the pride of Islay. This robust and full bodied malt is well balanced, dry and peaty.



Often called "Isles" these scotch producing islands are few in number and difficult to categorize. Often briny and full flavored.

(10 yrs old) 45.8% Alc/vol The only single malt from the Isle of Skye; full fodied, well balanced and strong.

(10 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Full flavored and smooth. A unique malt whiskey from the Isle of Jura's only distillery.

Highland Park
(12 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Aged in Oak casks, this malt whiskey from the Orkney Islands has a delightful balance of smokiness and heather-honey sweetness.


Whiskies from Cambeltown are briny, salt - sweet malts that draw much of their flavors from the sea air. Light in peatiness and fresh clean palate.

(10 yrs old) 46% Alc/vol Chilled filtered and no artificial coloring. This Cambeltown whisky has a dry briny flavor with a light touch of peat.

(21 yrs old) 46% Alc/vol Often recommended as the best of Cambeltown whisky. A must for the disconcerting malt drinker!


Whiskies from this region are diverse within themselves and can actually be divided into smaller areas within Speyside. Generally these whiskies tend to be smokey and full bodied; many are aged totally in sherry casks and impart a sweetness unique to Speyside.

59.4%alc/vol A full flavored Speyside whisky, bottled at (A'bunadh) cask strength for a rich, sherry flavor.

(15 yrs old) 50.4% Alc/vol A unique Speyside with a character that (Single Barrel) varies slightly with each cask.

(12 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol A special malt matured in Oak, then (Doublewood) transferred to a sherry Oak cask creating a rich yet mellow flavor.

(21 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Aged in Oak then transfered to a Port cask (Portwood) resulting in a full bodied and robust whisky with honeyed tones.

(30 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol A limited edition of rare single malt whisky bottled from a single vintage cask. Full flavored and strong, a rare treat.

(12 yrs old) 40% Alc/vol Dry aroma with a firm malty body and a smokey finish.

Macallan 12
(12 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol A classic speyside malt matured in selected sherry oak casks.

Macallan 18
(18 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol A more refined version of the 12 year old. Only the best casks from Jerez, Spain are used to create this full flavored whiskey.

Macallan 25
(25 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol A special bottling of this Speyside classic. The finest casks are set aside even longer to create this incomparable malt whisky experience.

(17 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol A rich full flavored speyside malt aged a bit longer than most to provide a rounded malty finish.

(12 yrs old) 40% Alc/vol Fragarant, dry body and a smooth finish.

(12 yrs old) 40% Alc/vol Soft, fruity flavor with a hint of peat.


Lowland whiskies are generally soft, sweetish, fruity malts relying less on peat and water quality and more of the flavor of the malt itself.

(10 yrs old) 40% Alc/vol A triple distilled whisky with a light, delicate character; Sweet and fruity common to lowland whiskey.

Glenkinchie (10 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Delicate to the nose with a dry-smooth finish, this lowland whisky is ideal as a pre-dinner drink.



Single malts from this region are few and difficult to categorize. They are Highlands generally firm and dry with a mentionable amount of peat.

(14 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol A rich, malty whisky with a hint of pear and a firm smooth finish.



Whiskies from this region are spicy and flowery. The sea air and Highlands heather - packed soil give these whiskies crisp, rich flavors.

Glenmoranghie 18
(18 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Rich bouquet and a full, rounded flavor.

Glenmoranghie 30
(30 years old) 43% Alc/vol A whisky of race distinction; this limited bottling imparts flavors from heather packed soil and sea.

(12 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Full flavored and spicy with sweet, heathery tones.



Scotch from the eastern highlands are sweet and fruity. Quality of barley is the Highlands secret here, making smooth, less peaty whiskies.

(8 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol From the richest barley-growing region of Scotland this whisky is sweet and fruity with a smooth light finish.

(15 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol Ideal as an after dinner drink, the Dalwhinnie has a delicate body with a heather sweet finish.

Southern Highlands

(10 yrs old) 43% Alc/vol From the smallest distillery in Scotland, this whisky imparts a smooth and creamy textue, light malty flavor and a mellow, warming finish.

(12 yrs old) 40% Alc/vol The primary whisky used is the popular blend Dewar's. This malt whisky has a medium - sweet flavor, dry and nutty.


Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskies are distilled three times in a pot still which give them a sweeter taste and a cleaner finish. Most Irish whiskies are blended but there are a few single malts available.

Tyroconnel 40% Alc/vol 80 proof

Knappogue Castle 40% Alc/vol 80 proof


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