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Mr. Pickwick's Martini List

Mr. Pickwick's House Martini
Gordon's London Dry Gin vigorously stirred with Cinzano dry vermouth accompanied by our house specialty olives.

I.C.B.M. (Icy Cold Bombay Martini)
Bombay Dry Gin stirred well with three drops of Cinzano dry vermouth. Perhaps with a twist?

Ditry Martini
Bombay Dry Gin, three drops of dry vermouth, and a good splash of olive brine. Chilled just so!

Blue Skyy Martini
Smooth Skyy Vodka with a tingle of Blue Curacao. Accompanied by both an orange and lemon twist.

Absolute Citron Vodka mixed with Gran Gala orange liquer and a dash of cranberry & lime juices. Lime wedge garnish.

Lord Phillip's Screwdriver
Absolut Mandarin Vodka chilled well with Gran Gala orange liquer and a squeeze of orange. Smooth and Sweet.

Green Kryptonite
Absolut Vodka and Midori melon liquer with a tad of triple sec. Eye catching and delicious.

Smoky Martini
Tanqueray Mallaca Gin stirred with a splash of Pinch scotch garnished with house specialty olives.

Mocha Martini
Stolichnaya Vanil vodka a splash of White Creme de Cacao. Garnished with espresso beans.

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