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Ye Olde England Inne
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June 25th, 26th and 27th  2010

At Ye Olde England Inne, Stowe, Vermont.

In cooperation with:


Join us with your British Motorbike here in the centuries old village of Stowe, Vermont for a weekend of fabulous riding on superb mountain roads , maybe a little show & shine, wine tasting, socializing, Tech Seminars, BarBQ, entertainment & dining with friends old & new.

Arrive Friday

Welcome Cocktail hour at 6.00pm.

Early arrivals drive to visit the nearby world famous Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory.


Breakfast is served from 8am.

Followed by “The Notch Run”. A ride up and across the famous Green Mountain pass known as Smugglers Notch.

Then descend the northern slopes of Mount Mansfield to tour the workshops and motorbike collection at the Classic Bike Eperience in Essex. On the return journey stop to taste the wines of Boyden Valley Winery in Cambridge.

Ride back to Ye Olde England Inne for a BarBQ lunch & a selection of Technical Seminars.

Saturday night is dinner & entertainment with some awards & other such important stuff.


Breakfast /Brunch and explore the 250 year old village of Stowe.

Your choice for today may include the The Waterfall Ride. A Glider Ride for the ultimate Mountain and valley views. Relaxing in our favourite spa beneath the invigorating waterfall or a massage/spa treatment.

Consider extending your stay to enjoy more of the many options available to our guests.

Lodging rates for the two nights start at $198 per couple. This includes afternoon tea served in the fireplace lounge. State tax and service are additional. The entire hotel is non smoking. Complimentary WIFI is provided throughout the property.

For guests of Ye Olde England Inne the event registration fee is $80 per room. This includes the cocktail hour,  hors d’Oeuvres and wine. The Saturday BarBQ, goodie bags, event credentials and awards.

For registrants not staying at Ye Olde England Inne

the fee is $120 per couple.

Saturday nights’ dinner (three courses) and entertainment

is $90 per couple.

Breakfasts and Brunch are available at your leisure in

the Copperfields room a la carte.

Additional nights lodging are available at a special 25% discount.

Ye Olde England Inne.

433 The Mountain Road, Stowe VT 05672.

Reservations 802 253 7558

Visit us at 

Motorbike Registration Form


Mustangs in the Valley

July 9th & 10th 2010

Mustang Registration Form

Hosted in cooperation with  ‘The Green Mountain Mustang Club’

Contact: Chris Francis 802 253 5320  or

Event Location:

Ye Olde England Inne, 433 The Mountain Road, Stowe VT 05672

Advance Registration form may be printed out from (click on ‘car events’ & select from drop down). Mail to the Inne with payment by cheque made out to Ye Olde England Inne (Mustang).

Special Discounted lodging rates for rooms and suites available for Mustang owners call 802 253 7558

Friday night lodging guests will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free hot air balloon ride for two for the

Saturday morning launch at 6.30AM (Value $500)

Schedule of Events:

Friday 9th

Registration Noon until 6:00PM in the Boathouse at Ye Olde England Inne

Guests staying at the Inne check in 3.00PM

Welcome cocktail reception 5PM to 7PM Dinner available in Mr. Pickwick’s Gastropub

Saturday 10th

Registration 8:00AM until 11AM in the Boathouse Ye Olde England Inne Noon BarBQ at the Inne (Not included in registration fee) Peoples Choice Judging ends at 1:00PM Awards ceremony at 3.00PM

6:00PM Hot Air Balloon Launch

7:00PM Dinner and Entertainment at Mr. Pickwick’s Gastropub

Sunday 11th

Early morning Hot Air Balloon Launch 6:00AM

Breakfast served from 8:00AM until 10:00AM – Brunch starts at 10.30AM

Optional tours:  South to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Tour

   North over the Notch to the Boyden Valley Winery for a tour and wine tasting.

Important Notes:

Advance Registration Fee is $20 (additional guests $5) Registration at Event is $25 (additional guests $5)

Driver Registration fee includes:

Processing event credentials (custom name tags, car cards).  Goodie Bags, Awards & Event ‘T’ shirt.

A complimentary Stowe Card ($75:00 Value)  Guest fee includes processing event credentials, tags and Stowe Card

Ladies will enjoy special Spa opportunities at the Spa at

Stoweflake Mountain Resort

Two Complete Car washing stations will be provided

About Ye Olde England Inne. Home of Mr. Pickwick’s Gastropub, Ye Olde England Inne has offered award-winning accommodations and fine dining in Stowe, Vermont since 1983. Combining the romance of England and the beauty of Vermont, Ye Olde England Inne is a full service resort Inne, featuring rooms and suites that will pamper you and a restaurant with Authentic English pub that provides an eclectic dining experience unique to the region. Styled in the English Tudor tradition, the inn occupies a commanding position in the beautiful historic resort village, conveniently located to all shops, Vermont’s highest mountain and area attractions. Owners Christopher and Linda Francis are avid fans of classic cars and host events year round.

Here they come both classics from the 60's and all models since are invited to join us for a great weekend of motoring show and show and shine.

All manner of awards, some dancing dinners and general revelry as like minded owners and fans alike share their passion  for what has been dubbed one of the prettiest cars to emerge off the drawing boards of Detroit.


2010 World Class Driving Tour

July 27th - 28th

As we tour our fleet of the world's most heralded automotive icons across the USA, World Class Driving invites you to experience five of them in one unbelievable day. Nowhere in the world has such a collection of supercars been made available for you.

Annual Antique and Classic Car Show

August 13th -15th
Special parade Luncheon from the best vantage point in Stowe.

Watch New England's largest car show (1000+ cars) from the

comfort of our Inne.


The Stowe Cobra Conclave

August 27th - 28th

The ultimate head turning Anglo -  American street race car

celebration. Originals and superb reproductions.

Power, camaraderie, touring and tales.


20th Annual British Invasion
September 17th -19th, 2010
Featured marques

Rolls Royce. Bentley. Austin Healey

Triumph Motorcycles

North America's largest British Classic Sports Car and Motorcycle Event.

Ye Olde England Inne is the hub and headquarters for most of

Stowe's Car Show activities. We look forward to welcoming you and your prized car to one of these special events.

Other car events are planned so please check back frequently!


Driving a super car: It’s a blast!

07/17/08 By Will Sabel Courtney (Stowe Reporter)

This car has 650 horsepower.It’s the one thought burbling through my mind in time with the tailpipe rumble as I slowly pull the Callaway C16 onto Route 105 in North Troy, Vt.

With nothing but open road in front of me, I do the only thing to do when driving a car with a better power-to-weight ratio than a World War II Spitfire: I floor it.

The car doesn’t seem to accelerate that fast, until the supercharger begins whining beneath the hood, winding up as the V-8 engine reaches 4,000 rpm — and suddenly, I’m thrown back against the seat hard enough to whack my head as the world goes blurry on either side of me.

This isn’t a car; it’s the Millennium Falcon, and I just jumped to hyperspeed. A new thought comes to mind, two words I saw on the lips of a 10-year-old boy back in North Troy at the sight of this car: the first one “holy,” the second anything but.

“Our program is a trust relationship,” Peter Law, the gray-haired senior driver for this World Class Driving event, says several hours earlier at the pre-drive meeting at Ye Olde England Inne in Stowe. “We’d like you to drive (the cars) like they’re your own.”

I try to hide an evil grin at that. I’m sure I’m not alone; I’d wager just about all nine of the other drivers in the room are disguising their glee. After all, we’ve come from as far away as Texas to drive five of the fastest, most expensive automobiles in the world.

But before we do, we have to squirm through a lesson about the company’s procedures. I pray this briefing will live up to both meanings of the world “brief.”

Law, who says he’s been in racing most of his life, warns us to be alert while driving his company’s cars this afternoon — a privilege the men in the room have each paid $1,495 for. More slides flash on his PowerPoint presentation: No burnouts; traction control on. Law tells us not to rev the cars in neutral. “We lost an Aston Martin that way,” he says.

After the briefing, we spill out of the lodge and into the cars parked out front. The drivers are divided into two groups; I’ll be driving during the even-numbered stages, so I pile into the Chrysler Concorde pace car for the first segment, up through the jaw-clenchingly tight turns of Smugglers’ Notch.

We’re barely through the Notch when the cars pull over for a driver change, and I’m directed into the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, a 523-horsepower monster that’s been lightened and souped up over the “regular” Gallardo. I barely have time to register where all the controls are before the pace car pulls back onto the road, followed by the Ford GT ahead of me. My turn.

I click the right-hand paddle behind the steering wheel that summons upshifts and feather the throttle in first gear, gingerly pulling onto Route 108. The Ford is well over a football field ahead of me, so — what the heck — I press the throttle to its stop.

The V-10 engine behind my head fills the air with a tenor howl that would make Pavarotti proud. I flick the car into second gear, then third, then fourth as the Lamborghini charges ahead. The car reads the road to my fingertips as though the steering wheel was covered in Braille, and carves up corners like a diamond-bladed scalpel. Incredible.

The only time it seems thrown off its game is when I hit the brakes; like any charging bull, this Lamborghini doesn’t like to stop, and its carbon-ceramic brakes, designed to resist fading when hot, are grabby enough to make my head yo-yo back and forth when pulling up to stop signs.

“In the Lambo, (the brakes are) on or off,” Law admits from his seat beside me in my next car, the 620-horsepower Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano. He starts to add something else, but gets cut off as I peel out, the big V-12 roaring.

“Sorry about that,” I say.

Law says the Ferrari is his favorite. I stepped into it with a sizable car-crush, but within a mile my feelings have exploded into full-blown automotive infatuation. Where the Lamborghini slices and dices the road like a samurai blade, the Ferrari

just flows along like liquid mercury.

It doesn’t feel like a machine — it feels alive, like it’s symbiotically merging with its driver. Every surface, from the creases in the sheet metal to the contrasting leather on the ceiling, is made with impeccable care. I’m in love.

After the organic experience of the Ferrari, the Callaway seems downright distant. Its afterburner thrust feels disconcertingly mechanical, and the way it shimmies like a paint mixer along rough roads leaves me feeling somewhat cold — and scared.

Plowing down a mountain road, I find myself falling behind the other cars, in large part because the General Motors automatic transmission tends to shift into high gear all too easily. Flooring the gas forces a downshift that blasts me back into warp speed, but doing so on the winding, frost-heaved road only serves to flash my life before my eyes. I’m not sad to climb out of it at the next stop.

The Maserati GranTurismo, in contrast, is the picture of civility. Despite being the least-powerful car in the group — it has 405 horsepower, and is the only one with rear seats — the GranTurismo seeks quite happy to tango along the roads, much like its stronger cousin the Ferrari. Never once do I feel anything but relaxed — even while hitting 93 mph on a curvy section of Route 109 near Waterville. It even has four cup-holders, for God’s sake.

If I were picking one of these cars to drive every day, I’d go with the Maserati — if I hadn’t already sold my soul for the Ferrari.

Finally, on the outskirts of Smugglers’ Notch once more, I swap into the Ford GT with a nervous gulp. During the briefing, Law told us to be wary in this car; with 550 horsepower and no traction control, it “will swap ends on you just like that,” he said.

With a damp layer coating the road ahead, I’m not particularly happy about ushering this bottle of automotive nitroglycerine through the Notch. But ultimately, it’s a moot point; even after I putter through the curves in first gear, traffic is heavy enough along Mountain Road that I never push the car above 40 mph. All I can do is roll down the window and cruise along — and hope somebody I know sees me driving a $150,000 supercar.


For additional information on these events, contact Chris Francis:

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It is not by chance that Stowe enjoys its reputation as the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated resort town in Vermont. Here in one of nature's most spectacular valleys, amidst the mountains, forest, and waterfalls come the adventurers, skiers, golfers, musicians, equestrians, cyclists, gourmets, romantics, and celebrities, all participating in a myriad of events and international festivals. Come escape to our beautiful Green Mountains for some well earned fun and rest.

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